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Wedding photography bridesmaids and dog
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I've been a photographer since the year 2000. I'm sure Jarvis Cocker wrote about that year and something about getting married and never splitting up, well I'm taking it anyway, good omen hey! I've been photographing weddings in Liverpool and all around the UK for over 7 years and I love it. My approach to wedding photography is to keep things as relaxed and natural as possible. No posing or cheesy overly romanticized fiction...unless this is actually how you act in real life then fair enough!

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Being a wedding photographer in Liverpool is great, there's so many amazing venues and cool photo spots but love visiting new wedding venues, it's always exciting to hunt for great spots but it's all about capturing your connection together.

I also love rustic country weddings where I can find equally fab hidden backdrop gems! I travel throughout the UK, it's fun going to new places!

Head over to 'About Me' or if you'd rather look at my photos first, scroll down to 'Galleries', it's what you're really here for!

Wedding photography bridesmaids and dog

Getting married is BIG! It's probably the biggest thing you've organised, the biggest amount of money you've spent on a dress or a suit or a cake, the biggest day of your life! Wow, that was dramatic! I totally understand this and I'm in awe of all that you do whilst not being a full time event manager and arranging a wedding alongside your regular life! (unless you are one then hey, it's a breeze to you!).


You may have chose not go all out, doing it your own way, keeping it low key and not spending your life's savings, it's still a BIG day for you!

Cannock Chase Forest Wedding Photography
Knowsley Hall wedding photographer

My journalistic style of wedding photography captures it all. The big details, the small moments, you won't see everything on your wedding day but I'll show you that shot of when your nan busts some moves on the dance floor or when your little bridesmaid licks the wedding cake! My job is to stay in the background, capturing moments that would be otherwise gone forever


I can organise people for those 'don't like them but must have them' group photos without upsetting anyone or getting cross, I'm chilled out but professional. Every wedding is different, we're all unique and no matter how big or small your wedding is or how young or old you are, I'm here to tell the story of the day you got married.

Cannock Chase Forest Wedding Photography



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Liverpool wedding Photographer

Liverpool Wedding Photographer Lisa covers weddings throughout the North West and UK. Natural, journalistic wedding photography

some of the wedding venues in Liverpool and around the Uk I've worked at

Camp + Furnace


Speke Hall


60 Hope street


Liverpool Athenaeum


St.Georges Hall


The Venue


Liverpool Town Hall


Doubletree Liverpool

Midlands Hotel


Pimhill Barn


Meols Hall


Sandhole oak Barn


Arley Hall


Malmaison Liverpool


Thornton Manor


West Tower

Cannock Chase Forest


Trafford Hall


Charnock Farm


Ashton Memorial


Cragwood House


The Parlour


Hurlston Hall


Hinderton Hall