Covid-19 and Your Wedding – What’s the Plan?

Covid-19 and Your Wedding – What’s the Plan?

Many of you may be very worried about the imposing outbreak and possible restrictions that we may be facing, DON’T PANIC!

I am planning to carry on as usual, business as normal with no Hazmat suit or mask! If I happen to have to self isolate then I will find another suitable photographer to cover your wedding (just as I would if I was sick with any other illness).

Titanic Hotel Liverpool Wedding

You may choose to postpone your wedding if that works best for you, I am happy to transfer your wedding date to another within 12 months with no change to the price or coverage, get in touch with your proposed dates and I’ll let you know my availability. It’s probably a good idea to get in touch with all of your suppliers and find out their policies, I’m sure you’ll find most of them will accommodate you as best as they can.

Payments will still need to made 4 weeks before your original wedding date. Please bear in mind that most of us wedding suppliers are full time and rely on our income to live. We face real adversities if we don’t get paid and many are facing financial hardship and could be put out of business!

These are unusual circumstances and we need an unusual amount of supporting one another in many different ways, we can get through this together!

Now plan your wedding and I’ll see you on the day!





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