A little about me

I shoot people


I'm one of those lucky people who always (kind of!) knew what they wanted to do. I'd bring a camera into school on toy day, quiz my grandad endlessly about all his old cameras, buy Vogue just to look at the photos, I just loved photography! I never even considered the option of doing it as a job until I travelled at 18 and met some inspiring people and then I thought, hey, I can do this!


Relaxed wedding photography

Fast forward and I've gained a degree in photography, won a Fujifilm Editorial award, gained a place on The Arts Council setting up scheme, worked in studios, freelanced, shot book covers and for the past 7+ years I've been photographing weddings! This was the happiest accident ever, back in the day, weddings DID NOT appeal to me but then a friend asked me to help her photograph a wedding and my opinion changed there and then!


I just love it! Being a part of the happiest day in someones life is so rewarding. When I get a big thank you afterwards I'm chuffed to bits and when I'm exhausted after a days shooting or glued to my computer for days editing, knowing that I'm going to make someone happy really motivates me. I'm an addict to your gratefulness, a fully fledged junkie to your glee! (have I got issues?).


Things that make me happy:


My two girls


Being nice

Central heating


My hairdresser


Fairy lights


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